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What can I do with a degree in communication?

Earning undergraduate degree in communication makes you an incredibly versatile professional. The question really should be "What can't I do with a degree in communication?"

People who can effectively communicate their ideas and other people's ideas are always in demand. Communication plays a key role in any organization, even if you're not in the media industry.

Our alumni include men and women who are making strides to advance their professions and serve their communities. They include a Pulitzer prize winner, Emmy award winners, a former governor, newspaper and broadcast reporters, public relations professionals, CEOs, COOs, and more. Communication majors are also very successful in law, education, and consulting arenas.

Communication majors are also an integral part of the new media movement. With your communication degree, you'll be prepared to help companies shape their brands, use social media and web communications for traditional media outlets, and bring your messages to wider audiences.