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Public Relations

Public relations -- a part of the Strategic Communication major -- is the art of communicating an organization’s messages at the right time, in the right place, and to the right people. Public relations practitioners maintain a favorable image of a company, organization or individual through the use of different communication skills such as writing, speaking, and relationship building.

Public relations professionals learn a skill set that can be applied to almost any organization whether non-profit or corporate, local or international.

Public relations professionals communicate with the media, the community, shareholders, government officials, customers, and almost any other person who has a relationship with an organization, to ensure and maintain favorable images. Public relations practitioners excel at multitasking and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Commonly, public relations professionals juggle several projects and wear many “hats” within an organization.

Public relations professionals may hold a variety of jobs ranging from public relations technician to public relations manager. Technicians often write press releases, speeches, and post to social media sites for an organization; whereas managers may be on the leadership team for large-scale corporations to develop promotional campaigns and create strategies to improve the company’s public perception.

UL Lafayette’s public relations program offers a rigorous, relevant, and fun learning environment with ample hands-on experience that benefits our graduates in the marketplace. Each member of the public relations faculty brings extensive academic preparation, impressive work experience, and passionate enthusiasm for our students to the classroom.

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Dr. T. Phillip Madison
Public Relations Program Coordinator