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Advertising is an integral part of the Strategic Communication major and prepares you for a variety of professions in the dynamic and lucrative world of advertising, as well as related fields.

You will have the opportunity to hone your professional abilities in a well-designed sequence of classes that will gradually and systematically enhance your knowledge and skills in several fields of advertising. That sequence starts with a general introductory class—Principles of Advertising—that examines advertising from several perspectives: creative, psychological, economic, business, marketing, research, social, ethical, legal, etc. Two classes on advertising creative strategy and one class on electronic media advertising consolidate your preparation in creating advertising that is not only aesthetically appealing, but can also deliver a strategic message.

Once you have gained an understanding of how to create effective messages, a class in media planning teaches you how to buy media time and space so that the right messages reach the right audiences through the right media, at the right time, and within budget. Finally, a class in advertising campaigns allows you to fine-tune your skills by building various types of campaigns.

If you are willing to take your abilities to the next level you will the have the chance to join our advertising team and participate in the National Student Advertising Competition. All advertising students are also required to do an internship and historically, many have been able to convert it into a regular job after graduation. A list of companies who offer internships will be available through the department.

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Contact information:
Dr. Amal Bakry
Advertising Program Coordinator