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Nominate an Outstanding Communication Alum

The Department of Communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette annually recognizes outstanding alumni at its Honors Banquet. The banquet is held toward the end of every Spring semester and is organized by the Department of Communication, Sigma Gamma Mu (the Communication Honor Society) and UL Lafayette Alumni Association.

The outstanding alum/alumna delivers the annual keynote address at the banquet. Other awards, honors and scholarships are also presented at this annual event.

Nomination Criteria

The Department of Communication honors alumni whose distinguished careers have contributed to or reflect positively on any of the academic programs in the department or on the department as a whole.

To be eligible for nomination and selection for Outstanding alum/alumna, a person should meet all of the following criteria:

  • The nominee must hold an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree from UL Lafayette’s Department of Communication
  • The nominee should have established an extraordinary professional or public leadership record in some area of communication.
  •  University employee (whether faculty or staff), while actively employed, is ineligible for the award.

Selection Procedures

Candidates for Outstanding Alumni may be nominated by alumni, faculty, or friends to the Department to the UL Lafayette Communication Alumni Chapter, who conveys the nominations to the department. The outstanding alum/alumna is formally selected by the Department of Communication alumni committee.

To nominate a candidate, fill out the form below.

For further details, contact Dr. Dedria Givens-Carroll at or (337) 482-5242.

Nomination Form

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