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Graduate Assistant Policies & Procedures

All graduate assistants in the Department of Communication are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the department and adhere to the requirements of their graduate assistantship. Additionally, they are expected to follow the Graduate School's Guidelines for Graduate Assistants and adhere to the University's Student Code of Conduct .

Graduate assistantships are appointments subject to renewal on a semesterly basis for up to 5 semesters (excluding summers). Graduate assistantships may not be renewed if there are several documented infractions of policies and procedures on file. In extreme cases, an assistantship may be revoked mid-semester. In these cases, assistantship duties will be immediately ended, along with all assistantship benefits. If it is determined that a graduate assistant has been paid for work that was not done, s/he will be bill for the return of those funds. Graduate assistants found to have committed academic dishonesty will have their assistantship revoked by the Graduate School.

Off campus work while on assistantship is allowed but not encouraged, and must not conflict with on-campus duties. International students are not allowed to work off campus if they have a 20-hour per week graduate assistantship.

If you have a graduate assistantship, you may not also work elsewhere on campus.



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