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Leadership Communication Courses

As a leadership communication major, there are courses you're required to take in your concentration, other communication courses, and courses in other subjects. For a full list of the courses you need to take, visit the online catalog.

Below are the communication courses you must take as a leadership communication major.

"You can design your OWN curriculum to build up your leadership!" 

In terms of required courses for an undergraduate degree, our UL-Lafayette requires 14-15 required major courses (42~45 credit hours), depending on different majors. However, our leadership major only requires only 6 major courses (18 credit hours) and one internship (3 credit hours). For the rest of the credits, students can take any communication courses across different majors, based on their own interests! Leadership communication is a very individualized major, taking care of EVERY single student and their interests individually!

Required Leadership Communication Courses

The only 6 required major courses are: 

CMCN 170 - Media & Society
History, economic, legal and technological influences of mass media. Professional practices within the media as well as advertising, public relations, and the international flow of communication.

CMCN 301 - Principles of Organizational Communication
Communication systems and flow in formal organizations; climate, leadership, work control systems, networks and performance enhancement and evaluation.

CMCN 307 - Leadership Communication
Theories and practice knowledge and skills related to communicative leadership, based on understanding of communication phenomena, especially, considering people’s behavior and attitude change and decision-making.

CMCN 310 - Public Speaking
Theory and practice for the preparation and delivery of speeches. Preparation for professional presentations. Use of multimedia technologies in oral presentations.

CMCN 384 - Communication Theory or CMCN 385 - Communication Law and Ethics

CMCN 406 - Communication Consultation
Capstone course encompassing roles of communication consultant in organizations, problem analysis and needs assessments, design and implementation of problem solving strategies, training and evaluation skills.


CMCN 490 - Internship
Students gain work experience in companies and organizations, learn how to develop a résumé, interview for employment and advance in their profession.

"Leadership communication major allows students to take many elective courses in their own interests!"

Professors in the leadership communication major will help students select elective courses, considering students' interests and future careers.