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Advertising Career Opportunities

As an advertising major, you are in demand. You have a range of career opportunities available to you.

Ask yourself these questions and see which career path is best for you and your abilities.

Are you inspired and imaginative?

Copywriters produce creative concepts and write engaging headlines, slogans, and copy  for advertisements in any medium, from print to social and interactive media.

Art directors work with designers to create visually appealing and strategic advertisements and campaigns.

Creative directors ensure that visual messages, verbal messages, and production values align to perfection in state of the art campaigns.

Are you fascinated by media? 

Media planners develop strategies for using a variety of media, such as print, TV, interactive media, to reach the best audiences for a campaign.

Are you organized and efficient?

Account executives manage relationships with clients, and play a major role in the planning, execution, and implementation of advertising campaigns.

Are you insightful and strategic?

Account planners are creative problem solvers. They extract insights from client, consumer, and market research, and use them to generate creative and media strategies.