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Advertising Courses

As an advertising major, there are courses you're required to take in your concentration, other communication courses, and courses in other subjects. For a full list of the courses you need to take, visit the online catalog.

Below are the courses specific to advertising majors.

Required Courses in Advertising

CMCN 220- Principles of Strategic Communication
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture.
Development and current state of advertising and public relations. Creative, planning, and management strategies. Legal and ethical issues. Career opportunities.

CMCN 330 - Principles of Advertising
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Introduces the fields, structures and activities within advertising; deals with the economic needs for and impacts of advertising; discusses strategic planning, including formative research, Management by Objectives and evaluation research; and examines concepts, strategies and techniques employed in creative processes and media selection. Prereq: CMCN 220 or permission of instructor.

CMCN 335 - Visual Communication I
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Desktop publishing software for page layout, design, illustration, image and photo editing. 

CMCN 340 - Advertising Creative Strategy
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Principles of creativity, strategy, copy writing and visualization in advertising; copy and script writing for print and electronic media; basic visualization for print media ads and electronic media storyboards.
Prereq: CMCN 220, CMCN 330, or permission of the instructor required.

CMCN 341 - Advertising Creative Strategy II
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Application, copy and script writing for print and electronic media; visualization and computer-based typography, design and layout for print media ads and electronic media storyboards; basic concepts of commercial production and direction.
Prereq: CMCN 212, CMCN 330, CMCN 335, CMCN 340, or permission of the instructor required.

CMCN 342 - Electronic Media Advertising
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Preparation, planning, design, and production of radio, television and Internet advertisements, public service announcements and promotional materials.
Prereq: CMCN 340, or permission of instructor required.
Formerly CMCN 430(G).

CMCN 384 - Communication Theory
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Concepts including functions and effects of mass media on society, persuasion, influences on mass media content, and interpersonal/organizational communication.
Rstr: Upper division status.

CMCN 386 - Communication Research
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Methodologies, techniques, and research designs used in mass media, advertising, and public relations; management utilization of formative, informational, and evaluative research to support decision making.
Prereq: STAT 214. Formerly CMCN 475

CMCN 435(G) - Media Planning & Account Service
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Develops analytical skills; applies advertising research to practical decision-making; evaluates various advertising media related to markets and creative strategies.
Prereq: CMCN 330.
Rstr: If prerequisites are not met permission of instructor required.

CMCN 449(G) - Strategic Campaign Mangement
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture. 
Capstone course in advertising and public relations. Team project of designing and developing a strategic communication campaign for a community client. Portfolio validation required for completion.
Prereqs: CMCN 423(G) or CMCN 435(G) with a C or better. If prerequisites are not met, permission of instructor is required.

CMCN 490(G) – Internship
Students gain work experience in companies and organizations, learn how to develop a résumé, interview for employment and advance in their profession.