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Communication Minor

The communication minor is designed to give you a broad overview of communication theories and principles with options to take courses in specialized areas of communication.

You have the option of earning your communication minor entirely online, entirely on campus, or through a combination of the two.

To earn the communication minor, you must take 18 hours of CMCN courses. Choose the 18 credit hours from:

  • CMCN 170 - Media and Society
  • CMCN 210 - Interpersonal Communication
  • CMCN 301 - Principles of Organizational Communication
  • CMCN 352 - Scriptwriting
  • CMCN 374 - Cultural History of Film
  • CMCN 384 - Communication Theory
  • CMCN 448(G) - Trends in 21st Century Communication Seminar
  • CMCN 470(G) - Intercultural Communication
  • CMCN 488(G) - Computer-Mediated-Communication Issues