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Organizational Communication Minor

The organizational communication minor will help you become a more effective communicator and how to be a communication leader. You'll take courses on how to be an effective speaker, lead problem solving efforts, and the best practices for working as a consultant.

The minor in organizational communication requires 18 credit hours of courses.

To earn your organizational communication minor, choose six classes from:

  • CMCN 202 - Argumentation and Structured Decision-Making
  • CMCN 210 - Interpersonal Communication
  • CMCN 301 - Principles of Organizational Communication
  • CMCN 304 - Group Process and Problem-solving
  • CMCN 309 - Interview Theory and Technique
  • CMCN 310 - Public Speaking
  • CMCN 384 - Communication Theory
  • CMCN 406(G) - Communication Consultation