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Public Relations Courses

As a public relations major, there are courses you're required to take in your concentration, other communication courses, and courses in other subjects. For a full list of the courses you need to take, visit the online catalog.

Below are the communication courses you must take as a public relations major.

Required Public Relations Courses

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations

Based on 2018-2019 Catalog Curriculum

CMCN 170 – Media and Society
History, economic, legal and technological influences of mass media. Professional practices within the media as well as advertising, public relations, and the international flow of communication.

CMCN 220 -- Principles of Strategic Communication
3 Credit(s). 0 Hour(s) Lab. 3 Hour(s) Lecture.
Development and current state of advertising and public relations. Creative, planning, and management strategies. Legal and ethical issues. Career opportunities.

CMCN 320 – Principles of Public Relations
Public relations for profit and not-for-profit organizations. Development of the profession, ethical and legal responsibilities, career opportunities; relationships between public relations and management, including strategic planning. Prereq: CMCN 220

CMCN 321 – Writing for Public Relations
Theory and practice writing in different formats for publics and mass media including application of AP style and portfolio development. Prereqs:  A "C" or better in CMCN 220 & CMCN 320. Pre/Co-req: CMCN 335 or permission of instructor.

CMCN 335 – Visual Communication I
Desktop publishing software for page layout, design, illustration, image and photo editing.

CMCN 384 – Communication Theory
Concepts including functions and effects of mass media on society, persuasion, influences on mass media content, and interpersonal/organizational communication. Prereq: Upper division status.

CMCN 385 – Communication Law and Ethics
Historical and philosophical context of First Amendment freedoms of speech and the press; privacy laws, free press and fair trial, protection of news sources, obscenity laws, regulation of advertising and broadcasting, and the news media as a business. Prereq: Upper division status.

CMCN 386– Communication Research
Methodologies, techniques, and research designs used in mass media, advertising, and public relations; management utilization of formative, informational, and evaluative research to support decision making. Prereq: STAT 214 and upper division status.

CMCN 421 – Advanced Public Relations Writing
Extensive practice writing in AP style for various formats. Production and refinement of portfolio projects for prospective employers. Prereq: CMCN 321.

CMCN 423(G) – Public Relations Case Studies
Preparation and analysis of public relations case studies in all sectors; analysis based on the Research, Objectives, Programming, Evaluation, and Stewardship (ROPES) model; problem-analysis and problem-solving skill development. Prereq: A "C" or better in CMCN 320 & CMCN 321.

CMCN 449(G) - Strategic Campaign Mangement
Capstone course in advertising and public relations. Team project of designing and developing a strategic communication campaign for a community client. Portfolio validation required for completion.
Prereqs: CMCN 386 and CMCN 423(G) with a C or better. If prerequisites are not met, permission of instructor is required.

CMCN 490 – Internship
Students gain work experience in companies and organizations, learn how to develop a résumé, interview for employment and advance in their profession. Prereq: A "C" or better in CMCN 321, CMCN 335, and CMCN 386.